Tuesday 16 July 2019

Is awakening a proper goal for a family man/woman?

Question: "Some of what Eshwar was saying does make me question, if someone becomes so evolved and breaks the cycle, how does that affect their “relationships” in this realm?? Talking more like a wife/husband… having children, etc… I almost feel that if was at that point, prior to getting married, I probably never would have. Which leads me to where does Love fit into this or is that a state in the realm where we should ultimately be? These systems placed onto us ( families, the physical body, my most >hated … TIME, etc.. etc.. )… all just seem like organizational tools."

That link will give you some background info for what I'm basing my answer on. Stage 3 of awakening is still compatible with family life, but at stage 4 you give up all attachments so there's no such thing anymore in your mind as "my family." However, once you go past stage 1 (I'd say I'm at stage 1), you lose most interest in sensual pleasure, so you better hope your spouse is not a very sensual person or else they will become quite disappointed and may feel like you were selfish to pursue awakening. You cannot choose what stage of awakening you go to, but usually people go thru the stages rather than just jump all the way to stage 3 or 4. I suggest, if you have a family, try focusing on "letting go of ego so that you can be a better husband/father." Not so you can stop being reborn--that will be a side-effect which might take another lifetime to complete. With that goal in mind I think that it is most likely you will land at stream entry or stage 1 (probably first having to go thru the True Self delusion), and stay there until your kids are grown and maybe your wife is also ready to advance spiritually with you.

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